Friday, December 28, 2007

Nuclear weaopons thousands of years ago

Imagine, nuclear weapons, 2400 BC!

Is it real or are we just imaging it?

Did aliens help man build the pyramids?

There are many ways to interpret the ancient Sumerian writings of Mesopotamia.

The reason for this is because Sumerian cuneiform text has only been discovered and translated in the past 150 years or less.

This means that they are relatively new to the scene when it comes to explaining the origins of mankind. We have to understand what is actually known and known as fact. The things that many modern transcribers agree with is what we want to examine first.

The bible speaks of giants in these times. In the book of Genesis 6:1, you'll read about how giants used to roam the earth in these times and how people lived extremely long lives.

Unfortunately, the bible fails to explain in detail who these giants were. Were they the sons of god? In the same segment of Genesis, you can read about how the sons of God saw the daughters of men and took them for wives.

You can read about the sons of Israel and it can be quite intriguing. The story of Moses and his personal contact with God, you wonder how much of a physical manifestation God really has. It could be said that God actually was a physical creature.

God would be indeed a "god" if he stood say 15 feet tall as in the artwork done by the Sumerians and Assyrians or even as the bible itself suggest as the giants who roamed the earth. The bible quotes God as saying that man shall put no other god before him.

Is this not a clear implication that there were indeed other gods? Is this not why He was a jealous God? Is this not why god was actually "sorry for the creation of man"?

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