Friday, December 28, 2007

Freemasonry Bible linked

Now to make it clear to you...since I'm sure you've heard of Freemasonry....who are the Freemasons? The U.K. and it's cohorts which include sectarian Jewish elite who married into royal families of the U.K. for a long time. The Scottish and British....along with the Jewish, kept all this knowledge a secret, and that's why Britian is home of the biggest atheist groups.....even though...King James of England...ordered the modern bible to be written...what does that tell you?

Anyways hope that answers the question as to why the bible rings true with science.... for a little more info about the Sumerians...they didn't believe in the god that Christians fact they didn't even believe in a monotheistic fact, god is actually what they called the physical beings the refer to as the Anunaki...the "gods" that created mankind - from clay - just like the bible....except it wasn't was DNA!

Noahs' (Zouzustras') ark - 2 of every, you know that's not true or possible or realistic in any way....unless of course you were preserving the DNA of those life forms...then it's possible...

I don't know all about the times of Christ....but maybe Jesus really is the son (sun) of god....if indeed he was actually a son and not the sun, then his virgin birth could easily be explained by artificial insemination...although the real reason Jesus is said to be born of a virgin is because the sun rose on Dec 25th of year 0 and when it did rise the first morning after the winter rose just beneath the house of Virgo (Virgin) in the sky.

Soddom and Gamorrah....pulverized including even the bones of the inhabiting nuclear weapons...

the lord ascended in mount Sinai in a pillar of smoke and fire....(a rocket or shuttle)

The reason you Don't find a lot of archeological evidence on the surface of the digs....the reason why much of this has been kept a little known secret for so long....the reason you don't find many (you do have some - Google Sumarian artifacts) statues and drawings of these other actual beliefs (or actually real history) is because of what it says in the bible....
You shall bow down to no other gods....AND YOU SHALL NOT PLAY THE HARLOT WITH OTHER GODS and in fact, you shall destroy their sacred pillars and anything of their likeness....BECAUSE THERE WERE OTHER GODS (ANUNAKI) and there was a rift amongst them...its much deeper than i can explain here....but do your research before you go telling people to do what they feel a voice in their heads is telling them....

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Truth said...

CREATION, not God, created all life

God is an idiot-savant neanderthaler tax-collector and insurance salesman (a toll-gater and pirate); a "weasel" who currently resides in the MOHO discontinuity, from where he (they) launched his ROMA dog-priests on Egypt, to kidnap our world, following the last ice age.

Christianity is Freemasonry's Allegory and Symbolism for Cloning~!
Think about it.

Organized Religion began in Babylon (Persia/Iraq). Through the intermediary of Judaism it then created Christianity. The symbol of Zoro-Astrian / Zoro-Babel Freemasonry is the Ziggurat (the cone). Christianity is also a 3 in 1 religion; itself based on the Cult of the Virgin Birth.

Three Marys (mother/friend Magdelene/sister of Lazarus) are all at the crucifixion of Jesus, he who, reportedly, had raised Lazarus from the dead (laser R us). The allegory and symbolism is obvious. One can live forever as long as one is continually cloned.

Task oriented, self-reproducing cloned Slaves fabricated on a male model, are the intra-terrestrial Wizard of OZ's plan for Ubermensch (Superman).

MEDIA is brain-deadlier than the MAGAZINE on an M-16 fully automatic rifle.