Friday, December 28, 2007

Ancient DNA science

Sitchin published writing describing perfectly the properties of Neptune and Uranus weeks and months before the voyager spacecraft took photos....these were description he deciphered from the Sumerian scriptures that predate biblical writing by about 2000 years

...this would mean that the Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic akkadian scriptures were manipulated accounts of "biblical scripture" that really comes from Sumer...2000 years before....

Then these Hebrew writings may be further manipulated considering that they are closely guarded by religious scholars ascendant to the kings of England...who gave us there version (KJV King James) about 450 years ago.

When Hebrews first rewrote these Sumerian recollections...they did not understand what nuclear bombs were (Sodom and Gomorrah), they didn't have any idea how to harness electricity (ark of the covenant), they didn't know about DNA (Noah's ark) or artificial insemination (Virgin birth).

They didn't understand who could have cut and moved the 3, 1100 ton stones to build the temple of Jupiter in ancient Lebanon that still stands and no engineer or architect or scientist can rationally explain, (Largest cut stones on the planet period - largest of Egypt are only 20-30 tons, these ARE 1100 tons) GOOGLE "BAALBEK STONE" under google images to see stones.

The Hebrews could never understand this megalithic enigma of the east so it is basically ignored and when brought up it is put into the realm of God...God did it....although there is still one stone almost completely done but yet unfinished and unmoved in the quarry a mile or so away from the actually site which is indeed uphill from the quarry.

Somehow in antiquity someone (thing had the technology/capability to shape and construct these super colossal stones. What was it? It was the Annunaki, or giants of Babylon that the ancient maronite Christians spoke of, whom was rumored to have built this site to be the landing port for incoming and outgoing space landings and launches. (stairway to heaven the Babylonians were condemned and destroyed for trying to build.)

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