Friday, October 29, 2010

Stories of creations - 5000 year old helicopter here

5000+ year old helicopter hieroglyph contained on the inner walls of the Egyptian pyramids

Micah Carter What's even more fascinating...the 5000 year old "helicopter" hieroglyph is in the Egyptian pyramid.....the 3-5000 year old molding of an "airplane" comes from the ancient Mayan civilization....across the world! But hey, you also find pyramids in both places too...other commonalities...advanced astrological knowledge, ...hieroglyphic writing, civilization in general....a belief in gods that came from the sky, human sacrifice and a main God of Egypt was exiled from Egypt in 3113 BC...the exact same year the Mayan god, Quatzequatl appears in their historical record...go figure

The Bible does say not to worship other gods....what other gods? The Bible is extremely's centered around one of many gods....a jealous god he is according to the "holy book" was just the one god that had to do with the Israelites....nothing more. Directed the Israelites to destroy all the statues and carvings of other gods....and so in Egypt, you find all the hieroglyphs of other gods had their faces carved destroy as much evidence as possible of their existence... I mean come you really think there were a bunch of white people in ancient mesopotamia? It's incredible to me...

Watch this video for details on the "ancient light bulb" and other items of fascination

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