Friday, October 29, 2010

Electricity and the battery, an ancient discovery of the Egyptians

Micah Carter

Ancient electricity - The battery was invented thousands of years ago...

Da Vinci estimated IQ was 220.... whoaaaa

Steven Lopez mines 219 he barely beat me, shit!!!!
    • Tuesday at 11:20pm ·
    • Micah Carter lol
      Tuesday at 11:23pm ·
    • Steven Lopez hey it worked btw thanks soooo much micah u da man! ur iq must be 250 or somethin right????
      Tuesday at 11:25pm ·
    • Steven Lopez took me a bit to figure out the unzip part but i got it
      Tuesday at 11:26pm ·
    • Micah Carter great...glad to hear man...make sure you burn a copy
      Tuesday at 11:29pm ·
    • Steven Lopez oh yeah i forgot good thinking 251... i can hear u getting smarter...
      Tuesday at 11:30pm ·
    • Micah Carter Id be lucky to be over 100 haha
      Tuesday at 11:34pm ·
    • Steven Lopez No way!!! Ok maybe I'm with u on that mines like 100-110 but that is stretching it
      Tuesday at 11:36pm ·
    • Olivia Garcia Burn me a copy steven!!! did you get it! I didn't have a chance to do it! Did you get office?
      Wednesday at 12:59pm ·
    • Micah Carter Keep buggin him, I'm sure he'll get to ya :) it's xp tho, so hope that's good
      Wednesday at 1:47pm ·
    • Steven Lopez lol yeah gimme hell!!!!
      Wednesday at 1:47pm ·
    • Olivia Garcia Darn! Nope I just upgraded to windows 7 and that's why it wiped out my office. i didn't have the disk to reinstall so back to the drawing board. Steven loves when I give him hell! It keeps his mind occupied! LOL

    • Steven Lopez Yup keeps me on my toes
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