Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Temple of Jupiter - Baalbek Trilithon and the largest hewn stones on the planet

It's amazing what has been discovered in the form of ancient artifacts.

One of the most enigmatic mysteries of the ancient world is the site of the Baalbek stone and the Trilithon temple in what is modern day Lebanon.

There are three such stones on the platform and one super colossal stone probably about a mile away from the building site.

The stones are estimated to way about 1000 tons.

It is not definitive as to who actually built these particular 4 stones.

Some would attribute this work to the Romans. The structure has additions atop the largest three stones at the site. It is said to be clear that the smaller stones on top were added by the Romans some 3000 years ago. The previous base consisting the largest stones and many medium size stones not much smaller the than the ones mentioned.

In the Bible, it says in the book of Genesis that there were giants in those days and the Maronite Christians of the region would have said that the temple was built by giants.

It very interesting indeed.

It turns out that some of man kinds most extreme modern lifting equipment can only lift some 2-3000 tons in the most optimal conditions.

Indeed, there does not appear to be any viable person, company or equipment known today that could actually perform this same feet of architecture that may be attributed to "mythological giants"....or are they myth???


The Infidel Guy said...

Yes.. it's all a myth. No evidence of giants. Giants need not explain large hewn rocks.

Anonymous said...

These rocks were poured as a heated liquid, like cement and allowed to harden. Decay over time disquises this fact making them look like carved stones. End of story.

Anonymous said...

So if these rocks where poured as a hot liquid (according to you), well then don't you think that is also an engineering feat on its own for ancient times??? you idiot!
In todays times i'd like to see someone heat rock to a liquid and pour it to those sizes of blocks.

Some people shouldn't be allowed on the net.

Anonymous said...

poured as hot liquid? hahaha. Is that why the stone is still attached at one end to the sub-strata that they were cutting it from? lol.