Thursday, January 24, 2008

Covert info - What you may not have known about Thomas Edison

It is interesting to think that Thomas Edison's life starting with his birthday in February 11th of 1847.

When we then look at the fact that was and is still considered by most Americans at least to be the greatest of all inventors, with over 1000 patents including such a major breakthrough as the light bulb.

So what gave him the idea to invent so many things so far ahead of his time?

It is not the intention to downplay the genius of what appears to be the most prolific of inventors. What this is is an open minded look at historical events.

Keep in mind that Sumer was discovered 130 years ago!

According to Zechariah Sitchin and many other historians and archaeologists, the most ancient writings of Sumer and other ancient Babylonian civilizations actually describe something very profound.

With close examination, one might say that the ancients actually had much of the technology that we have today.

Could it be that Thomas Edison was a key player in the deciphering of Sumerian and/or other major ancient writings? Could it be that he got his idea for the light bulb from such an artifact as this one which comes from ancient Egypt and dates back to close to the beginning of advanced civilization about 5500 years ago.

The light bulb appears to have a filiment represented by the snake....WHICH MIGHT EXPLAIN things in the Bible such as the Rod that Moses used to perform several "miracles".

It is most certainly a very interesting prospect to think that perhaps much of the thoughts about electricity could come from a much more "mundane" time than our history books would like us to think.

What is interesting to note is that connections you can find with Thomas Edison and Freemasonry. Could it be real...? Perhaps since masons, after all, were stone workers and most surely the most likely group to find many ancient stones while looking for choice building stones.

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This is an hoax.

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