Sunday, December 21, 2008

What Einstein said: What to expect in the year 2012 - The Mayan forecast predictions

Well now that we have heard rumors of the Mayan calendar which ends and possibly predicts the end of the world, at least as we know it.

The Mayan calender is a combination of particular almanacs and calendars. In Mesoamerican history, it is probably the most complete calendar system.

It shares similarities with calendars of the Olmec and Zapotec which were earlier civilizations. According to the Mayan people, the knowledge of calendars was brought to them by a deity known to them as Itzamna.

It is said that the Mayan calendar predicts end times.

What's interesting to not is that many recent articles point to the fact that honey bees are disappearing. It is 2008 as of this writing. The Mayan end times would be 2012. The frightening thing is, Einstein once said that if the honey bees disappear, mankind would only live about another 4 years.

Now if that don't make you think, I don't know what does.

You may now be a little less shocked to discover that a good sized group of people are preparing for this end times scenario.

One Mesoamerican calendar is known as the Tzolkin and another is known as the Haab. The fascinating thing is that the two calendars happen to coincide in such a way, synchronizing once every 52 years when the natives believed there "God" would return to visit them.

It has been said that the arrival of the conquistadors of Europe and Spain t0 Mesoamerica took place on one of these such 52 year cycles and with such fair skin and more advanced technologies, the Europeans were believed to be the "Gods" that the natives were expecting.

It has been said throughout history that the native Mesoamericans believed the Spaniards were gods.

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B said...

The thing is they also did sacrafices to the eclipse of the sun. how knowledgable are they really..

B said...

Coming from the same people that did sacrafices,, not to sure?