Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exodus 9:22-9:29 - Violence in the Bible and the physical gods of science

Exodus, Chapter 9, 022:
How are weapons and war used in the bible? You may have heard or read about the plagues of the Bible...but it is interesting to note the level of physical involvement there is when compared to what is generally witnessed today. If we read Exodus 9:22, we see some interesting action.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch forth thine hand toward heaven, that there may be hail in all the land of Egypt, upon man, and upon beast, and upon every herb of the field, throughout the land of Egypt.

Is this a war attack of some sort, maybe misinterpreted...a plague...radioactive fallout. Nuclear weapons in the Bible?!!

Exodus, Chapter 9, 023: And Moses stretched forth his rod toward heaven: and the LORD sent thunder and hail, and the fire ran along upon the ground; and the LORD rained hail upon the land of Egypt.

Exodus, Chapter 9, 024: So there was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, very grievous, such as there was none like it in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation.

Exodus, Chapter 9, 025: And the hail smote throughout all the land of Egypt all that was in the field, both man and beast; and the hail smote every herb of the field, and brake every tree of the field.

Exodus, Chapter 9, 026: Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail.

Exodus, Chapter 9, 027: And Pharaoh sent, and called for Moses and Aaron, and said unto them, I have sinned this time: the LORD is righteous, and I and my people are wicked.

Exodus, Chapter 9, 028: Entreat the LORD (for it is enough) that there be no more mighty thunderings and hail; and I will let you go, and ye shall stay no longer.

If we imagine that maybe the ancient peoples of biblical times we ruled by gods of a more physical nature than most would perceive, then it becomes plausible that God was a leader of a physical nature who was also very demanding...and if you did not follow his rule, you may be punished without accuracy, but of a more mundane nature in which God has "collateral damage".

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