Thursday, July 31, 2008

Inventions of ancient Egypt - Ancient technology

When it comes to ancient technologies, some would say that the methods, systems and tools used are too crude to be of any true advanced technology. So what then would give the ancient Egyptians the idea of brain surgery, metallurgy, black ink, pyramids, organized labor, astrology and so much more.

Paper was also a big step forward when you consider the many thousands of stones hieroglyphics that have been discovered over the centuries. Stones were surely a great way to preserve the many writings of the ancient world, but surely they were extremely tedious to make.

What is almost even more intriguing about the Egyptians is there advanced knowledge of the stars and astrology in general. In fact they invented the calender system that we use today including the leap year.

What is also interesting is they attribute these "discoveries" to the gods, the gods like Thoth and Ra. These are just a couple of the Egyptian gods attributed with the having the advanced technologies that the Egyptians did possess.

So why then do we not give credit for all of our current technology to god or gods?

I mean, if they had of just discovered and invented these things over the course of natural scientific method or accidental discovery, what would spark such a zealous and seemingly pious culture that essentially served the giants and gods of the ancient world. Why would they allude to them as actual entities...?

Perhaps much of this technology was discovered from a previous age or, as many theorists have alluded, from extraterrestrial beings. It is interesting to think that perhaps as ancient as Egyptian advanced culture is, there may have been other much more previous civilizations with perhaps even more advanced technology than we have today.

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